Great Opportunity

Being the first and only major International Immigration and Property Expo, we include migration experts to cover 20 hot migration destinations. Migration-related services, eg. Overseas property, further studies, pet moves, taxation, relocation logistics, asset management, etc.

Professional seminars will be assigned to migration experts and teams, sharing all-rounded migration info as to provide one-stop migration solution platform for migrants-to-be.

The Expo has included over 150 local firms in the past, total traffic is amounted to over 100,000. Participating firms are welcomed to promote core business and alongside uplift brand images. Intra-industry communication are also facilitated to provide extensive win-win games.

50% Funding Support

International Immigration and Property Expo is an eligible activity for funding support under Government Trade and Industry Department – SME Export Marketing Fund Branch with 50% or max $100K support per time. 

EMF Funding Details: SME Export Marketing Fund – Eligibility (

List of Exhibition: SME Export Marketing Fund – List of exhibitions (

Establishing brand image

Wide Public exposure are located due to the extensive resources put in marketing and media campaigns, seize the opportunity to demonstrate professionalism and leading position.

Attract quality customers

Being the most well-established migration Expo in Hong Kong, the IMMIEXPO has become the important benchmark for migrants-to-be. With the statical data from over 100k past visitors, precise leads are invited to the floor for further consultations. Exhibitors would grasp the head-start to promote business with potential pool of clients.

Effective promotion

Participation in the IMMI-EXPO would optimize the promotion budget as offline seminars is the most effective conversion method and provides a brand lift.


IMMI-EXPO serves as a B2B platform to create lasting relationships with relevant stakeholders at targeted field. Cooping with Strategic partners would create more rounded services to uplift competitiveness.

Cost & format

3×3 m2

Standard Booth

3×6 m2 

Advanced Booth

Minimum 6×6 m2 

Premium Booth

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